My real name is MARiA FOo FOo (not FO FO, FOu FOu, FOo), I am 99 years old, half Greek half Chadian and a nymphomaniac.
I star in educational films for adults while studying at Athens University of Economics and Business.
I speak five languages: Hungarian, Rumanian, Turkish, some Greek and body language.
I love many things, such as talking shit with my crew, mocking at others, the childish jokes and the myspace researches of Kathleen, rhyming, gazing intently at skaters, listening to indie and alternative music but dancing to folk music, drinking beverages, eating fast food, wearing vinyl and animal prints to look sexy, watching Cartoon Dandy dancing.
I hate lies.
Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell are my idols.
All of this posted is pretty much what I live and enjoy.
Have fun.
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